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We create the new and the better by blending data intelligence, creativity and design. We break the rules. We make new rules.

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    Nurun X

    Unexpected and brutally honest ideas that make a mark in the real world. Bulletproof insights and solutions that make people’ lives better.

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    Nurun Live

    Creative campaigns, activations and content strategies that bypass traditional advertising mechanics to create long term relationships. Ideas that make our clients famous.

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    Nurun Design

    Perfectly crafted consumer experiences that change how we experience and interact with our world, forever. We call it addictive design.

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    The Lake

    A continuous connection with the entire datasphere to find that needle in the haystack that leads to deep and relationship building insights.

    • Consumer studies & panels
    • Behavioral analysis & datamining
    • Consumer feedback analysis
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    One room that digitally provides real time information about our different audiences, and lets us start more interesting conversations with them instantly.

    • Social insights
    • E-influence
    • Real time creative campaigns
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    A no rules methodology

    Each project starts with the selection of a custom made team with the people best suited to take on the challenge.
    Whatever it takes to get each job done, better.

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    Machine Design

    We are doers who believe in the creative power of fast prototyping. By getting to the point we find new and more interesting challenges, possibilities and solutions. If it doesn’t work it doesn’t work, but you’ll only know if you try.

    • Design thinking
    • Test & learn
    • Beta digital services
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    The Core

    Artificial intelligence is slowly killing the traditional interface and changing how to interact with the world around us. We work with leading AI experts to create deep learning systems that provide far richer and more immersive experiences.

    • Invisible apps
    • Conversational agents
    • Proactive digital services
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    Defining objectives and relevant KPIs, as well as making sure we reach them. We can monitor everything from campaign to individual websites, to insure that we’re. We test, learn and improve.

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    Our Friends

    We work with truly inspiring brands and have decades of experience of creating cutting edge work – from planning and strategies, to digital activations and 360 campaigns. We work with leaders of industry and we create new ones.